The first TyreScan system was produced in 1994 and was immediately seen by users as a practical, easy to use imaging system. It was low cost and the results were easy to interpret. The system produced an 'x-ray' type image by passing a beam of sound through the structure of the tyre. The latest TyreScan system - K2, scans the tyre in about 30 seconds, producing detailed and clear images similar to those below, which can be easily evaluated. TyreScan systems partially imerse the tyre in water, which couples the sound from the transmitting probe through the tyre to the receiving probe. The images below were generated by the K2 system.


Since TyreScan was first introduced, the electronics and software for ALL systems has been designed and produced by Shand Systems Ltd, with the mechanical scanners being designed by our associate company - Mechtron Design. We are therefore able to continue providing the support, but now direct from the original designers.


All TyreScan systems were based on PC ISA cards. An upgrade is now available to convert most existing electronics so that it can be used with a USB2.0 interface, allowing the systems to be used with any current desktop PC or laptop, running Windows 2000 or Xp Pro/Home

To find out if your system can be converted, remove the cover from your computer and look at the TyreScan card which will be plugged into an ISA socket. If the card looks like either of the cards below, it can be converted.

TyreScan K1 card, produced from May 1996.

TyreScan K2 card, produced from February 1999.

The system can be upgraded, by arrangement, by returning the PC card and Generator box to Shand Systems Ltd. Please contact us for further information.

A complete set of ethernet based electronics and software is now available, and is plug compatible with existing K1 systems.

System Development



Following exhaustive comparison against competitive inspection systems, a major UK user has now fully committed to TyreScan for the future and, as a result, the K2 system has been partially redesigned, including :


Current Development

Starting in October 2007, a new TyreScan system (K3) is being designed, which will be optimised for tread and belt edge inspection rather than 'bead to bead'. This is expected to be completed mid 2008.

The design of the new K3 has been completed and the prototype system has been manufactured. It is now being commissioned and tested at our customer. Radical new technology is used in this design and some modifications are being implemented to optimise the new features.


The EarthScan system for the inspection of earthmover tyres has been significantly re-designed during 2006. An existing system - currently used by a major UK remoulder been upgraded, and a new system has been installed at a remould factory for a major mining company in western Australia. These systems inspect tyre sizes such as 40.00R57 in less than 5 minutes



A 40.00R57 being inspected at the purpose built facility in western Australia. This is the largest ultrasonic tyre inspection system in the world.











This is a typical image produced by the system showing belt edge separation. Without the ultrasonic inspection, this defect would not have been identified until buffing.











An EarthScan system for Goldfields in Ghana has now been commissioned. This system has a number of improvements to provide greater penetration power and to reduce ultrasonic noise.











An image of a Michelin 3300R51 tyre acquired in Ghana








Latest News

The EarthScan system for Sydney in Australia has been commissioned, and is providing good results for our customer.